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Billerica Clean Up Green Up / Beautify Billerica

Last weekend our annual Billerica Clean Up Green Up Day took place days before Earth Day in effort to bring the community together and join forces to clean up our town. Earth Day which takes place April 22, was an environmental movement that started back in 1970.

Each year the Beautify Billerica group, who are the organizers behind the town wide clean up, sees more folks volunteering on this clean up day. Not only did Families & individuals sign up, but we had Billerica companies, Church groups, and Elementary school kids/pto's join in! The Billerica DPW was also a pivotal help in driving around doing all the pickups!

I was with a group of people at the Peggy Hannon Rizza Complex this year and despite MANY trash can strategically placed through out the complex we were still able to fill 4 bags, and another group that was closer to the pond and conservation area that heads into the complex had about 3!

The Billerica Clean Up Green Up organizers reported that 2 dumpsters were filled from the event! That's 2 dumpsters full of trash no longer on our streets, in our parks, schools, conservation land, forests and waterways! That's great news!

There is still always more areas to clean and if you are interested in helping, cleanups go on through out the year...join and follow the facebook page Beautify Billerica, join an event or create your own! The group holds what they call "power hours" where they schedule an hour and designate an area for cleanup, they post the event, and when many people join, it is amazing what can get done in that small hour. Many hands makes for quick and light work!

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