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Make Your Home Feel Like Spring

Spring is fickle. Sometimes the calendar says winter is over, but the weather stubbornly disagrees. Ready to shake off the cold? Try these tips to bring spring indoors ... regardless of what the weather is.

  • Light a spring-scented candle or brighten up the table with fresh flowers.

  • Add some curb appeal by taking on easy outside tasks, such as painting the front door, trimming back bushes and trees, and adding new plants and flowers.

  • Freshen up the inside of your home with spring cleaning. Tackle usually-overlooked chores like wiping down kitchen cabinets, shampooing rugs, dusting ceiling fans, and disinfecting mattresses.

  • Pick up a travel book or magazine and take a mental vacation. (There’s no easier way to visit Tahiti or Bora Bora, and you don’t have to worry about sunburn.)

  • Check out a farmers market or your local supermarket to pick up some spring produce. This handy site allows you to see what’s in season in your area, so you can build your meals accordingly.

  • Let the sun shine in by opening drapes and blinds. Natural light is a proven mood booster!

And if the change of season has you thinking about changing homes, reach out to me to discuss the current real estate market.

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