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Today is Earth Day!

Here are 10 things you can do at home to celebrate and support Earth Day this year:

  1. Get outdoors Staying inside all day can be monotonous. To help break up your day and boost your mood, breath in some fresh air by going for a hike, walk, or run during your lunch break or in the evening with the whole family.

  2. Work in your garden Digging your hands in the soil is good for not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. Welcome the spring season by planting native plants, fruits, and vegetables.

  3. Start a compost pile Composting your food waste will reduce the amount of waste you send to a landfill, and once it fully decomposes, you’re left with incredibly rich fertilizer you can use in your garden.

  4. Build or purchase a rain barrel Collecting all the runoff from our many rain showers will give you an abundance of free water to use to water your plants.

  5. Plant a tree Native trees and shrubs help provide food and habitat for pollinators, birds, and other critters. Planting trees can also be a great way to engage and educate the whole family.

  6. Clean up Take a stroll around your neighborhood and take a trash bag and gloves with you so you can clean up debris along the road or sidewalk. Billerica is having a town wide clean up this Saturday April 24th from 10am to 12pm. A great opportunity to clean up your community and get to know your neighbors! Sign up here

  7. Stay home and learn Reducing the amount of time we spend running errands, driving to work, etc. plays a significant role in reducing our carbon footprint. While you’re home, learn with

  8. Build birdhouse or bird feeder Share your home with all of the Earth’s creatures by building a birdhouse or bird feeder out of recycled materials, such as an old wood scraps or milk jug, to help out your local avian population.

  9. Brainstorm energy-friendly ideas for around the house Cut back on energy waste and come up with a list of ideas that will make your home save energy this Earth Day, such as switching to LED bulbs, turning off the AC when you’re not home and other simple, energy-efficient ideas.

  10. Go on a nature scavenger hunt Learn about local flora and fauna this Earth Day by searching for flowers, plants and trees native to your region around your neighborhood. Look for a regionalist list of native plants online to help guide your search!

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