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Ways To Save Electricity During The Summer

Ways To Save Electricity During The Summer

The summer can be a fun time full of adventure and bonding with friends and family. But with the hot days, many who want to spend their time inside with the family where it is cool are choosing to do so.

With the long hours spent at home and the increase in usage, you may lose control of your electric bill and end up paying a lot of money you did not expect to pay.

For the households who want to save money, or at least use electricity efficiently, the following are some ways to do so:

The first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself for the heat. This way, you can plan and set your physical limits as early as possible. Once you get done preparing mentally, you need to make your home ready for the heat with the following steps.

  1. You can invest in an automatic thermostat. An electronic thermostat is the best way for you to keep your home at a suitable temperature without having to increase or decrease the thermostat, the smart device will do that for you.

  2. You should review the maintenance of your air conditioning units and fans to check if they work and how you can further save electricity on them.

  3. You can have a general cleaning and de-clutter your home so you can have more space for the airflow.

Second, you need to do the math and share that logic with your family members, so they know how to control the temperature.

You must remember this logic: for every degree above 72ºF, you end up saving up to 3% on your cooling expenses. Studies have shown that the ideal setting is up to 78ºF.  This setting works best if you slowly acclimate early in the summer.

Third, you can spend money on blinds and end up saving more. Think of this scenario: you have the air conditioner on, and the windows allow the sun to come in. Perhaps it is ideal for you to use natural light, but it hurts your electric consumption more. The more sun that shines in the room, the more work the air conditioner does. Adjustable blinds allow you to have reflected light but reduce the thermal effect.

Finally, use summer to bond with your kids. Only use one room where your whole family can stay during the day if you plan on staying at home. This way, you save money on air conditioning and also bond with your kids.

Now that you know the best ways to save electricity during the summer, you are now ready for a better experience with your family.

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