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Your Guide to February

Love and luck mark this month. 

Chinese New Year

It’s the Year of the Pig. People born under this sign are said to be seekers of status who enjoy life and have good luck.


Home Warranty Day

Take time today to learn more about this special insurance coverage for the appliances and systems inside your home.


Valentine’s Day

Whether you go for chocolates and flowers or dinner and diamonds, love is love, no matter how you show it!


Presidents’ Day

Add Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays together and you get Presidents’ Day, honoring our country’s leaders.


National Love Your Pet Day

It’s a great day to volunteer at your local shelter or to consider adopting a new fur baby into a forever home.


The Oscars®

The 91st Annual Academy Awards is a great excuse to dress in your red carpet best and throw an Oscar-themed party.


February is the only month that can have no full moon.

February 1911 saw the first use of fingerprints to convict a criminal.

St. Valentine was thought to be a Roman priest in the 3rd century who secretly married couples against the orders of the Emperor.

February is the birth month of Nathan Lane, George Romero, Thomas Edison, and Rosa Parks.

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