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Your Guide to January

January at a glance

Happy New Year!

National Take the Stairs Day Have you gained some pandemic pounds? Or maybe you just want to stay in shape. Choose the stairs whenever it’s an option. It’s great exercise, and it’s free!

Cut Your Energy Costs Day Wasting energy is not only bad for the environment but also expensive for you! Contact your utility companies to ask about savings tips and an energy checkup.

MLK Day MLK Day is also a federally designated national day of service. How will you help improve your community this year?

National Compliment Day You’re so good at giving compliments! (See what I did there?) Today’s a great day to share a compliment or two, and practice taking them, as well.

Plan for Vacation Day Whether you want to hit the beach or the slopes, there’s no time to start planning like now. Too adventurous? A local camping trip or even a staycation can still help you relax.

Data Privacy Day This day, celebrated in 50 countries, is meant to raise awareness of digital privacy laws and how to protect your online data. Visit Stay Safe Online to learn more.

About 72% of people feel that their home is disorganized.[1] Do you count yourself among them? Get Organized Month is a great time to change that! Decreasing clutter in your life has proven benefits, such as feeling more control over your life and reducing stress.

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