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Your Guide to March

National Grammar Day

“Let’s eat Grandma.” Do you know what’s wrong with this sentence? Thank grammar for ensuring Grandma joins you for a meal and doesn’t become one!

National Day of Unplugging

Take a break from digital connectivity and give your mind time to unwind. Hug your kid, talk to a friend, and connect with loved ones face-to-face instead of face-to-phone.

Daylight Saving Begins

That must mean spring is on the way! Remember to spring forward one hour.

International Women’s Day

Each and every person can make a difference for gender equality. Celebrate women and their achievements, contributions, and abilities today. #EachforEqual

Tournament Time

Choose your brackets and prepare for a descent into basketball madness.

First Day of Spring

The days grow longer, the nights grow warmer, and spring fever takes hold. Happy spring!

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