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About Billerica

About Billerica

The Town of Billerica Massachusetts is part of Middlesex County and is
situated 24 road miles northwest of the City of Boston. The town's abutters are Chelmsford and Lowell to the north, Wilmington and Tewksbury to the east, Carlisle and Bedford to the west and Burlington to the south. Regionally, the Town of Billerica is 19 miles north of Boston, 23 miles northwest of Lynn, 45 miles northeast of Worcester, and 205 miles from New York City.


The Town of Billerica is the only town in the United States to bear that name and the sister town to Billerica, Billericay, is located in Great Britain. The Town of Billerica, formerly a King's Grant tract from the colonial days, was incorporated as a town in 1655.

Kohlrausch Fountain, Billerica Center

The town was primarily based in agriculture up to the 1850's, then the Faulkner Mills (still standing) and others began business in North Billerica along the northerly flowing Concord River. The town supported a modest level of industrial development until the 1950's. The mills were replaced with a substantial level of  industrial development and residential development, largely supported by the town's proximity to the major northeast highway arteries (i.e., Interstate 95 to the south, Interstate 495 to the north and US Route 3 running north and south through Billerica).

Billerica Train Station

The Lowell Regional Transit Authority provides bus service and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides rail connections to the City of Boston and the City of Lowell from a regular train stop in North Billerica.


The Middlesex Canal, that once provided cross-town water transport, has been preserved, in part, near the Billerica and Wilmington town line along Massachusetts Route 129. In addition to the Concord river, the Shawsheen River in the southerly portion of the town, is the second  major waterway in the town and it serves as the emergency water supply of the Town of Burlington.



The Falls at the Mills in Billerica

Even though much of Billerica has been developed, there are still large parcels of undeveloped land. The town is experiencing a modest level of development, both residential and industrial. The town has attempted to maintain its rural character, and consistent with this intent, has acquired ownership of a number of tracts of open land for preservation purposes over the last ten years.


Visit Billerica's Official Web Site

Billerica Schools

Billerica Schools

The 2019 school year welcomed a brand new state of the art high school along with a new grade configuration for the town.


There are (5) five elementary schools (grades kindergarten to (4th) fourth grade) in town.

There are (2) two middle schools (grades (5th) fifth to (7th) seventh grade) and
(1) one high school (grades (8th) eighth to (12th) twelfth grade).

Billerica residents also benefit from the easy availability of the Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical High School
(grades (9th) ninth to (12th) twelfth grade), as well as nearby Middlesex Community College and the
University of Massachusetts/Lowell.



Billerica Public Schools Official web page




(Click on the schools to view their individual web sites)

Billerica Memorial High School
Kennedy Elementary School
Parker Elementary
Shawsheen Valley Tech
Dr. Orlando S. Marshall Middle School
Cyril D Locke Middle School
Frederick J. Dutile Elementary
Thomas Ditson Elementary
Hajjar Elementary

Billerica Recreation

Billerica Recreation

The town also benefits from an array of recreational programs and facilities for all ages. With (8) eight parks, a beach, a small water park, skateboard park, walking trails, multitude of fields/courts such as baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball & more! The town is also home to the Hallenborg Ice skating rink!


The Recreation Department offers high quality affordable recreational programs, services, trips and special events to the citizens of Billerica. Their recreational, educational and cultural programming reflects the interest and diversity of the community. They are committed to improving parks and recreation facilities to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for visitors. You can view their program schedules here.

Kids Konnection Park in Billerica Center

The Boys & Girls Club of Billerica which is conveniently located in Billerica, provides Billerica residents with an abundance of activities, child care, after school programs, and aquatics.


Billerica also offers programs and activities for our Seniors at the Billerica Council On Aging. From classes to activities to transportation, meals on wheels and more.


Newly opened in June 2019 - The Billerica Dog Park! The park is approximately 18,000-square feet of fenced-in off-leash space, and dedicated small-dog, area for canines under 25-pounds, on top of an all-dog patch of land. There are 11 parking spaces, benches, trees and water for thirsty pups




Coming Soon…


The Yankee Doodle Bike Path

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