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Spare $5?

declan 2013

Steps ahead of me as I crossed that finish line last year was Little Declan. Although he was too shy for the camera, he did give me “five” and smiled a big huge smile when I knelt down and told him he was awesome for kicking cancers butt! Declan was diagnosed as an infant with a fast growing brain tumor, Today he is cancer free and heading into the 4th grade! He impressively walks the 13.1 mile route each year as well!

I honestly can’t wait for next month! This is one event I totally look forward to each year! The atmosphere, the people, my walk buddies and most especially the meeting of the brave little cancer patients along the way, has all been a heartwarming tradition for the past 8 years!

I am proud to be able to take part in this walk again this year and as always, doing it in memory of my Nana who lost her battle 26 yrs ago.

I ask that you consider a small $5 donation to this wonderful cause, because every dollar counts! Declan is living proof! 

I will be happily walking 26.2 miles …all I ask is that you please consider donating at

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