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8 Small Ways To Honor Those Who Gave All This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is set aside as a holiday in our country to honor those that gave their lives in the service of our country.

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We all live busy lives and while we know Memorial Day is important, doing even little things to commemorate the day often alludes us.

Here is a list of some possibilities that might get you into the proper spirit to honor those that gave all so that we could just live our busy lives without much interruption.

  1. Fly our Red White and Blue Banner in pride. The colors are symbolic. The White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and the Blue above the stripes signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.

  2. Donate to a Charity that supports our Veterans.

  3. Buy a Poppy from a VFW member. Here is the story of How the Poppy Became the Symbol of Memorial Day

  4. Attend a Commemorative Service. If you are squeamish, skip this one. I want to paint you a picture. I would like to remind you of something I came to learn about our soldiers as they are laid to rest. They are buried in full dress uniform of the service branch they are a part. Irrespective of the condition of their body, imagine opening their casket and seeing the young man or women wearing the honor and pride of the country they served. Connect with this and it will help you better remember the significance of this day. They gave it all so we didn’t have to. We owe them so much, it could never be fully repaid. Their grave sites are not some unknown marker, these are real men and women, most often our finish youth, that lay there.

  5. Volunteer at a VA Hospital or a local USO branch. Volunteerism to help those that were willing to sacrifice their lives is a small price to pay. We all need to do more to make the lives of those that were saved in battle just a little less burdensome.

  6. On Memorial Day at 3:00PM, as a nation, we honor the sacrifice of the valiant men and women who gave all. Please take a minute at that exact time to honor them. As you do, hear the sound of the Taps played to symbolize “The day is done, Rest in Peace”.

  7. Go to a National Cemetery or even your own local cemetery and be a part of honoring the Veterans who grace these hallowed grounds.

  8. Teach you children. This might be one of the easiest tributes to do. Educate your children about this day and what it means to all of us as patriotic citizens of the United States of America. Help them keep the spirit of honor and sacrifice that these men and women made that our freedom and pride in our nation continues to grow and is not stifled by neglect. Freedom and Liberty will always have a price and it has been paid in blood by so many. It continues to cost the lives of those so eager and willing to pay for it. That cost must be honored lest we may each have to pay an equal price.

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