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Try These Simple Tips for More Efficient Packing

Packing up your home for a move might seem simple but there are ways to make it even simpler. With some extra planning, organization and creativity you can make your packing process easier and more efficient. Here are some essential packing tips to remember when it’s time to move.

Gather Supplies First Before you pack, make sure you have all the supplies you need (and maybe extra). Stock up on tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and any essential tools like scissors in easily accessible places. If possible, get more than you think you need. This makes you less likely to run out in the middle of packing and will also set you up with supplies for your next move.

Use the Best Bags & Boxes You can use the same cardboard boxes for moving as you would for shipping. However, there are some advantages to boxes made specifically for moving. The greatest one is the inclusion of handles. Boxes with well-made handle cutouts can make packing, unpacking and organization much simpler. Sometimes you can find moving boxes made of heavier-duty cardboard that can handle more weight, as well. For bags, avoid using regular garbage bags and opt for the extra thick variety that won’t rip in the middle of your move.

Keep Cords & Components Labeled When packing electronic components, computer parts or anything that has cords or wires, save time by labeling everything. Packing small cords or cables in clear plastic bags will help you see exactly what’s inside and give you the option to organize by room, family member or otherwise. You can use the same strategy for furniture items that have small removable parts like screws. Label the bag and and you’ll be able to find them much quicker when it’s time to rebuild.

Pack an Essentials Box There are few things more frustrating than forgetting where you packed your toothbrush. Almost as vexing is knowing where essential items are but have no way to get to them when needed. To avoid this issue and to make yourself as comfortable as possible during your move, pack a special essentials box for yourself. Include important toiletries, medications, a change of clothes and whatever you will want to have your first night in the new home. Pack this box last and you’ll be able to unpack it first, saving you time and frustration later.

Packing best practices are different for everyone and every move. However, using these tips you should be able to save time and effort in your process and make your move as smooth as possible.

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