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Your Guide to January

Dates to keep the party going all month long.

Motivation & Inspiration Day   


Yesterday was the day for resolutions, but today is the time to figure out how you’ll follow through. What do you want out of 2024?

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

If your utility bills have been creeping up, learn about steps you can take to lower them. Remember … even small changes will add up over time.

Organize Your Home Day


The holidays tend to bring a bit of chaos, so take this opportunity to declutter and get your home set up for a fabulous (and organized!) new year.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day    


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." — MLK

Own Your Own Home Day


Homeownership isn’t just part of the American Dream … it’s one of the best ways to build wealth. I’m proud to be part of this process and am happy to help you with it!

National Puzzle Day


How do you like to challenge your brain? Whether it’s crosswords, sudoku, brainteasers, or jigsaw puzzles, give yourself an intellectual workout today.

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